About Us

Parinathi Consulting is a Techno – Management consulting firm that offers various kinds of research based consulting, management solutions, strategic insights, human resource management planning and operational consulting, mechanical, civil, electrical related consulting and solutions to companies and associations who are on the lookout to improve their operational efficiency, and professionalize their companies.

Parinathi Consulting began operations in late 2009, with its first long term consulting assignment for a major smart phone application development company. The company has worked with the client and helped strategize and improve its business strategy including its complete organizational design.The firm from this successful humble start now opens up its services to other businesses which are on the search of the route to becoming a professionally managed organization. Parinathi Consulting works with the interested business and helps them evolve a complete strategy that allows them consolidate, and grow.

All of Parinathi’s work begins with the basic understanding that no single size fits all; the needs of all its clients would be different. Some companies just need a simple assistance of making a process improvement, or creating a good sales pitch; while some others would need a complete process re-engineering, automation along with a complete strategy revamp. We do all these.

We also have tie up with our partners who assist implementation of some of the essential software or application through these partners, but we would leave the commercials in such a case to the two parties involved.

Your Success is our Milestone